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Inspiration: Portland Flower Power

Jen YihComment
Inspiration: Portland Flower Power

Another cloudy, damp day in Portland but color was all I saw. 

Inspiration comes in many forms, and in this life, we can't help what we're attracted to. Yes, we all have to be disciplined in running full speed at every shiny object - but there's always things that pull us in & it is important to listen. 

I took a walk at the Portland Saturday Farmer's Market, located downtown on Portland State University campus, sampling chocolates, cheese, home-made jams, and flower gazing. 

Everywhere you look, as of lately, things are clean whites and flat blacks, or somewhere in between. As classic as black and white will always be, we shouldn't be afraid of color. 

From nude, flattening and moody instagram filters to the "fade" feature... Why not explore & embrace color? Is it because it became trendy to be moody & subdued? There's a time and place to be moody & subdued, but equally a time & place to be vibrant and bold. Maybe I'm bias, being a Pacific Northwesterner & color exploration really is a matter of where you're from - in the food, on the walls, in the clothing, and even within the people. 

It was a cloudy, damp day in Portland where the colors were grey and green - but I found color everywhere I looked. Take a walk with me through the Portland garden. 


Honey Mama's Chocolate - Cacao Nectar or Mayan Spice is divine. 

Olympia Provisions - Pistachio Paté

Fressen Artisan - Fresh baked artisan bread. 

Willamette Valley Cheese - Locally aged cheddar.