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F*CK Coachella

Jen YihComment
F*CK Coachella

Let me start this post by stating that, I never started this blog to win any popularity contest or push my fashion or lifestyle onto to you. I started this blog to share my opinion & write my bleeding heart. Good thing is, you don't have to read it, you don't have to like it, but I'm still gonna do it. 

Here's where I stand on that: Read how "I Sold Out" 

Here's how I really feel, it's called: 


I recently spent a few days in Los Angeles, more so, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I love my friends that live & thrive down there - they are hustlers, talented, driven, extroverted, creative & although I'm extremely judgemental when it comes to Hollywood & that whole scene, I respect them from the bottom of my heart. Also, L.A.'s weather is just a delight. 

But after leaving, I realized, Los Angeles may be the asshole of America. After attending Flaunt Magazine's launch party where Joe Jonas's cover photo was him in an acid wash Canadian tuxedo with a chain and lock around his neck looking more like a character from Channing Tatum's Magic Mike movie than a pop-star... I looked around the very cool L.A. party & couldn't help but think that I was at the Capitol from the Hunger Games. Remember the scene where they drink that drink to throw up so they can eat more at the party? Yeah... kind of like that. I thought of Portland while I sat next to some very famous Hollywood celebrity photographer & European male models to my right, and thought of the nice simple Portland people as like District 6...the granola humble woodland type folk that recycle and stuff like that. 

I don't know if it was my time in Indonesia seeing people barefoot, spiritual, and stripped down to the essentials, fully thriving & oblivious to the new "influencer dream" lifestyle that's taken the world and hearts by storm - but the juxtaposition of the influencer culture & 3rd world rural living just haunts my every experience now. 

It's that Coachella time of year again, which yeah, it's a music festival but, as an outsider, Coachella represents all the sh*t I can't handle about our generation. Before you quit reading this, here's my main point:

There's a major difference between being an influencer and being a leader. We've seemed to have seriously confused the two. For example, Michelle and Barack Obama are leaders, Jackie Kennedy was a leader, Leonardo DiCaprio is a leader, Emma Watson is a leader - people using their fame as a platform to make change, insight action, progress, education, liberty... At the same time, your 6th-grade teacher is a hero, as well as your local firefighter, paramedic, and so on. See my point? 

Dropping acid & sh*t tons of molly in the desert while wearing the raddest baddest clothes with some gorgeous people while stomping your feet to Steve Aioki and maybe getting a cake thrown in your face is fun, for sure... If I were enforcing the rules of the world, enjoying the world and enjoying your life is allowed - but to an extent. Do I think the fashion blogger or model or make-up artist holds some value in the world? Yes. Do I think the volunteer rescue teams saving people from bombings in Syria have some value? Yes. *Pause* But... we've got to ask ourselves what we're contributing & if the juice is worth the squeeze. You have to ask yourself if the people & things you idolize are really leaders or just a distraction to make you want to do and have sh*t you don't need or actually want. 

But with social media & the era we're living in, people have their heads so far up someone else's a$$ trying to mimic their style, "lifestyle", filter, photo, friends whatever we've seriously lost track of what's actually important. We've associated our beliefs with brands. Our social & political affiliation with products and people. Our wealth & status with events & fabricated places. 

Your likes, your following, your photos, your clothes, your travels - they don't define you. Don't let Coachella & all of that make you think any differently. 

*Sound of mic dropping* With all that being said, does anyone have an extra Coachella ticket for weekend two? ...I'm kidding, you can find me skiing & surfing Oregon the next 2 weekends. I can't wait for the hate mail I get from this post, but let me remind you that just because I'm whining about it all doesn't make me immune from it either.