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Responsible Retail: Everyday Coconut

Jen YihComment
Responsible Retail: Everyday Coconut

Maybe its a sign of growing up, when you really start to care about other people and the planet almost more than yourself. Or maybe I've just spent my entire 20's being selfish. But, I've gathered the self-awareness that my existence affects people. As does yours - every move we make, thing we say, store and grocery purchase... We're all very connected & the good news is, we're starting to understand that. 


I bought this lotion today at New Season's in Portland, Oregon. I spent a stupid amount of time in their lotion section, reading the labels, fact-checking on my phone, and smelling/testing every single one of them on any arm space I had left. Let's be responsible consumers and shop wisely! Look for companies with ethics, treating people and the planet properly. 

Everyday Coconut

Everyday Coconut is made by Alaffia which pays fair wages, empowers mothers & families, and utilizes sustainable wildcrafted ingredients. Funds from product sales help conduct the following:

Reforestation: 53,125 Trees Planted

Bicycles for Education: 7,100 Bikes Distributed

Maternal Care: 4,170 Births Funded

School Construction: 10 Schools Built

How to Shop for Ethical Body Care:

Your skin is the largest exposed organ on your body, what goes on top of it ends up in you just like the food you eat and things you drink.

1. Cruelty Free = They do not test products on animals. 

2. 100% Recyclable Packaging

3. Paraben Free / Gluten Free

4. Natural/Organic Ingredients = Selective about where herbs are grown, choose cultivation regions that won't disrupt the environment. Also may work to protect endangered herbs and sustain local plant populations.

5. Vegan = means the company is converting products with animal-derived ingredients to vegan ones as technology has now become available. 


Other Ethical Body Brands:

OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE: Refuse animal testing, paraben free, gluten free.

KORRES: Natural and organic, use 100% renewable energy and 99% recyclable packing.

ORIGINS: Use empty body care jars for energy or recycled for new material. Give millions to Global ReLeaf and planted over 2,800 acres of pine forest. Work to make their processes earth-friendly. 

URBAN DECAY: Focus on Women's Rights and equality. Cruelty-free and mostly vegan.