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8 Environmental Tips I Gave My Parents

Jen YihComment
8 Environmental Tips I Gave My Parents

Visiting my parents can be a doozy. I love them until the end of time and they are rad individuals, world-travelers, business owners, and intellectuals. BUT, what drives me absolutely insane is that they came from a different era. An era where plastic, styrofoam, nylon existed and recycling wasn't a thing... Good thing is, they are open to learning, sitting through Netflix documentaries like "A Plastic Ocean", listening talk about the Burning Man counter-culture and other typical Millennial bullshit.

Here's a few easy environmental tips I gave my parents:

1. Save old plastic bags, bread bags, grocery bags for re-use. 

Plastic lasts forever, literally FOR-EV-ER. Reuse old bread bags, grocery bags, sandwich bags just rinse, reuse, and recycle...

2. Recycle your old electronics somewhere responsible.

Check this article

3. Clear spaces, donate, and give to re-sale or Salvation Army.

There are plenty of people in need, guarantee it if you get in touch with your local food pantry or shelter they are in need of more items than you think. Clear out your closet, take and have only what you need!

4. Don't waste food.

Buy only what you need, shop local, grow your own food

5. Eliminate plastic where you can in your daily life.

Eliminate the use of straws, coffee lids, plastic bags, garbage bags, q-tips, plastic food packaging, water bottles. How about a bamboo toothbrush, reusable coffee cups, bring your own bag to the grocery store, recycle?

6. Use natural products only. 

They are using all-natural toothpastes & all-in-one bath/cleaning products like good ol' Dr. Bronners. My mom is using coconut oil & Vitamin E as moisturizer, boom!

7. Stay informed.

Organizations, even brands these days are always putting out content & information for us to stay informed. Check out Ocean Film Tour & new doco's like A Plastic Ocean, companies like the Plastic Bank, technology like Tesla or Goal Zero

8. Educate others and spread the word. 

Grocery stores, companies, and our own personal consumption is what changes things. If we start refusing, reusing, recycling, and regurgitating hippie information like I'm providing you - we can change things. 

Thanks for listening and making change Mom & Dad.