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Cultivating Caroline

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Cultivating Caroline

Do you have a best friend? One that you've known since before you were born. One that you grew up 6 houses away from, where you'd walk into their house without knocking, eat out of their fridge, tag along at family outings, and get to the point where you might call their Mom, Mom and Dad, Dad. Meet Caroline. She's been my best friend since mom was walking me in a stroller as her Mom and Dad were speeding down the street on the way to the hospital to have Caroline. 

She's always been a star, and a humble one. She'd hate it if I told you but a full-size photo of her holding a tennis racquet hangs in our High School gym. It's hilarious, but she was a tennis all-star who won the state championship three consecutive years in a row, beating the sh*t out of people older and bigger than she as a little tiny sophomore. 

Her love affair with food, health, and fitness runs deep. Going on to become a college athlete and most recently moving out to the Pacific Northwest to live, share, and educate herself and others about how to live a holistically healthy lifestyle - starting with where you shop, what you buy, and how to prepare raw, delicious food. 

It's deeper though - Caroline's philosophy on food isn't just about being "healthy" and fit or whatever vegan trend is on approach - it comes back to our purpose and sense of fulfillment on planet Earth. Caroline asks herself, "Why are we here, what is the point?" She strongly believes and knows that it is to take care of sweet Mother Earth, cultivate our own pure crops, flowers, agriculture and give back to the planet just as it abundantly gives to us. 

She's starting small, with at-home recipes that I've witnessed her slave and put hyper-focus into. Sharing them on her Instagram account @cultivatingcaro, finding her style and voice. She spends all weekend at the local Farmer's Market, not just shopping but talking, learning, and engaging with the farmers - hearing their stories and making her way to farms, orchards, and co-ops to really touch and feel what she's passionate about. 

Ditch your ideals about a perfect body or silly food trend. Get on board with Cultivating Caro who is dedicated to a holistic life, finding balance between that fragile give and take to ourselves and the planet. 

Sneak Peak: She and I are teaming up on Instagram with @poortlandgirlspantry, two friends, one budget. 




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