I don't know how the wonderful HereWith babes actually allowed me to write an article for their upcoming issue 003 launching in Costa Mesa, California this May 18th, 2017...but they did. *Insert quote from Asian kid in School of Rock "I'm not cool enough" here*

This issue focuses on "intuition" & in the issue you'll find an article I wrote about cutting the shit, turning down the noise, and taking strides to become...more human & true to yourself. Every day is a crap shoot but always something to be learned, things to be discovered, and improved. 

I wrote the article from an environmentalist cafe on Nusa Lembongan Island while listening to too much Cherry Glazerr, the day a 4.8 earthquake struck all of Indonesia. The whole island shook, seemed like a sign, I'm not even sure if I believe in signs. I was, maybe am, in the midst of some soul refinement & found it through surf, the sea, and travel. But more so, found some purpose in learning how to give back & do my best to set an example. Anyway, pick up an issue & support the women's surf & travel community. Thank you again HereWith, I'm truly honored. 

My bit on Intuition:

"Let's face it, following your intuition is f**king hard. There are times I followed my intuition & it drove me straight into a wall or, other times, onto a one-way ticket to paradise...bi-polar little psycho. But when you start to really tune in, I mean literally put life on hold & listen -- you can expect for it to be the wildest ride you've ever been on -- chock-full of highs, lows, mediums, standstills. But, like everything, it's an endless ebb & flow to find that sweet spot. As I've gotten to know and trust that voice deep inside, it's saved me from myself and, ultimately, lead me to live a more honest life, even if it means getting roughed up a bit in the process. "


If you don't know who HereWith is or where they came from, here's some info. CLICK.