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An All-American Summer

Jen YihComment
An All-American Summer

It's 90 degrees here in Portland, Oregon & we've already kicked the summer off with an all-American BBQ full of beers and summer pasta salads. The hammock is out & we've successfully slept on the beach, high on life, stargazing the good ol' Milky Way.

It's going to be a summer of road trips! My best friend and I road tripped the Wild West just a few weeks back & I'm heading on an East coast roadie in just a few short weeks. The roadie tunes are a must. Here's some classic, cool, summery radio waves for ya and yours. 

Music is like candy to me, when you find that one song and just want to consume it over and over again! 

1. Sinister Purpose by Creedence Clearwater

2. Six Blade Knife by Dire Straits (LIVE)

3. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac (Covered) 

4. After Midnight by JJ Cale

5. Wolves by the Barr Brothers

6. Fever by The Black Keys

7. Weight of Love by The Black Keys

8. Midnight Rider by Allman Brothers

9. Sun by The Jacuzzi Boys

10. Jolene, covered by Miley Cyrus