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Le Grotto

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Le Grotto

More recently I ended up at a house party in NE Portland, hosted by friend Quillan (music guru of the Portland/Vermont area). To my utmost surprise, there was a band playing in his living room, people lining the stairwell and dancing like idiots spilling beer everywhere. I loved it. More so, I loved the band. A free show for a band that I enjoyed listening to more than most cookie cutter, garage or angry lesbian girl bands I've stumbled upon at Mississippi Studios....So, very much appreciated Mr. Quillan and cheers to LE GROTTO. Come back to Portland soon. (September 28)

"Good music isn't played on the radio." 


1. I saw you performing in my friend Quillan's living room in NE Portland, how the hell did you end up playing a house show? 

Well, Quillan and Will (plays bass) have been friends since high school. Quill has a festival upstate New York called Otis that we are playing at later this summer, so we've all been friends for a little while. Anyway, our friends, Heat Shimmer were starting a west coast tour and we were like " hey quill, wanna throw a show?" Luckily he's the best and put it on. That was super fun. Gotta do more there. 

2. Where are you guys from and how has that influenced your music?

We all met in Olympia, Washington. Will and Alek are both from there. Laith's from Houston. Olympia is a really creative town and has always allowed young, independent artists to do what they want. So, I mean being in a place where you're surrounded by talent and creativity pushes ya to make better art.

3. What genre or style do you consider yourselves?

Idk. Shopko vaperock I guess. Kinda hard to answer that question. It's a little of everythin!

4. You said you're coming out with a new album, what can we expect? What's it called? Where can we find it?

Yeah, we are coming out with a new album, called "Bump the Lamp"! It's coming out on September 1st. It's like a 1/2 hour concept album that we basically just wrote and recorded in laith's old living room. It's kinda funny, we actually recorded the album twice and trashed it, cause it wasn't what we wanted. Finally, the 3rd time, we got something that we were into. Our good friend River Nason mixed it and did an awesome job. Can't wait to put it out and start tourin! It'll be available on Spotify and all that...

5. Are you touring? What's the best thing about it? How do you get around on tour? 

The end of the summer will be our first real tour actually. We have been playing a bunch of dates around the Northwest for the past few months. Can't wait to get out to the other side of the country, though. Come find us! Right now, we are just driving a shitty land cruiser that's making all sorts of weird noises. 

6. You guys seem like you're on a roll, how does that feel, being on the up! Did you ever expect this?

I don't really know about being on a roll or anything, but we are having a bunch of fun. We are 3 friends that love makin music and are planning on making it for a while. Ask us again, later har har

7. What's your favorite venue you've played in so far?

Will's old house was this awesome old Victorian mansion. We did our album release there and rehearsed in the basement. It's totally haunted, but def the most fun we've had putting on a show. Laith accidentally invited the whole freshman class from Evergreen and we weren't allowed to do shows there anymore.

8. Biggest inspiration?

All our good buddies making music and drugs oh and Hamms.

9. Tips to any aspiring musicians and artists?

We're all gonna die. What does it matter?

Fun Questions

Beer or Wine? Hamms

Whiskey or Water? Whiskey with Hamms. 

Dog or Cat? Dogs and cats that act like dogs. 

Worst trend right now? That hot dog dude on Instagram. 

If you could go anywhere, where? Magic school bus and/or Osmosis Jones INSIDE Joey Woods. 

If you could have drinks with any musician or band, who?  Michael McDonald. 

When are you coming back to Portland? September 28th at Turn Turn Turn with our good friends Telephant. Also, let's throw another one at Quills!

How are you changing the world? Just bein' nice.