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Exploring Brooklyn's Style

Jen YihComment
Exploring Brooklyn's Style


I'm no big-city dweller, but Brookyln is most definitely (so far) my favorite part of New York City. Immediately getting off the subway, you feel an air of realness vs. the polished and perfumed versions of NYC like Soho.

There's graffiti on the walls, storefronts aren't perfect, the streets aren't flooded with people with shopping bags and designer clothes, its refreshing if you've spent most your day in Manhattan. I understand to New Yorkers that Brooklyn's "blown up" but didn't necessarily feel that way to me, as an outsider.


VANESSA'S DUMPLING HOUSE :: $ If you're rolling through Brooklyn on a freezing cold day, you have to eat at Vanessa's Dumping House. Its affordable, humble, and the food is f*cking amazing. I ordered the dumplings in soup with a steamed bun, a side of pickled cucumbers and ginger honey tea, and ate all of it. 

NEW YORK, NY 10002


10 FT SINGLE :: I live in Portland full time and as low on the hipster scale as I am, I still love vintage and resale shops. Brooklyn's vintage store called 10 Ft Single by Stella honestly blew me away. Not only was their selection carefully curated, organized, and amazing, but it was not mind-blowingly expensive. I wish I could've spent another hour in 10 Ft Single, but I guess I'll just have to go back. No promises I'll be going back to Burning Man this year, but their fur coat selection is divine. 

285 N 6TH ST



VICELAND TV :: The next highlight of Brooklyn was Vice Headquarters. If you've never read Vice Magazine or watched a Vice episode, hop to it right now. Vice was what I expected and better, and holy shit what an operation. This year they are launching Viceland, their very own TV network and in my opinion it is going to be absolutely legendary and I'm proud of this generation for pulling it off. Real news, no bullshit. They had just moved into their beautiful new Brooklyn office and gone from 300 something employees to 900 in one week. It was about 7:30PM on a weekday when I was there and the office was still buzzing. We had a beer at their office bar with one of the Art Directors and Magazine Editor, and got the scoop on what's going on at Vice for the relaunch of the magazine & Viceland TV. I can't wait till it all goes live!


THE WYTHE HOTEL :: $$$ Lastly, cocktails. The Wythe Hotel...rooftop night. 


Anyway Brooklyn, I get it.