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Bostonian Wedding Style

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Bostonian Wedding Style

I appreciate the East coast's yin to the West coast yang. 

Boston, Massachusetts is a place I've always overlooked. I suppose growing up in the Midwest I'd always looked to migrating West or very far East, meaning to Europe. If you were to say Boston, the first things I would've thought of are their bold accents, Harvard University (technically in Cambridge), sleepy coastal fishing towns, and to-die-for Italian-American food


I came to discover that Boston is a charming, European influenced city with loads of history & quiet cobblestone streets. It's easy, speaking from Portland, to forget that this city was one of the first American cities, built upon by our immigrant ancestors. I walked parks that reminded me of London and streets that gave me glimmers of Paris. We even stood in front of John Hancock's actual grave - located downtown Boston in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Although, stylistically - people and trends were more proper & preppy than my personal taste, I can appreciate the East coasts yin to the West coast yang. 

EAT & Drink

Union Oyster House :: the oldest restaurant in Boston, order the lobster. 

Cibo Cafe :: located North of the city in Wakefield, run by the lovely Romans Olivia & Jonathan. 



This was a special trip. I was brought to Massachusetts for my best friends wedding. The wedding took place on Boston College's campus in a beautiful gothic style Catholic church & reception was North in a foggy Atlantic coastal town called Gloucester. 

On her wedding day, she looked like a movie star out of the 1940's. She was a true classic beauty, timeless and awe-inspiring. Dress from Australian designer Karen Willis Holmes. 



Rudder Restaurant :: adorable restaurant, on the sea surrounded by fishing boats. 


Art Galleries Galore in Gloucester :: world famous painters have passed through the many art studios along the sea, definitely worth exploring. 

Stephen Lapierre :: a very interesting artist, especially if you like clowns & concerned about the world's reliance on technology. 

Bed & Breakfast

Castle Manor Inn :: Classic coastal b&b.