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SuperShe is a not-so-secret society of women that share a thirst to live an exceptional life. It's the year of the woman and bringing them together to empower, support, and collaborate each other is just the tip of the iceberg.

As a blogger, writer, and creative for SuperShe it is my mission to share travel, beauty, health, and spiritual tips to like-minded women. 



Founder of SuperShe, Kristina Roth was founder of a consulting firm recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the fastest growing companies.


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It’s the year of the woman.

Superwoman, SuperShe, what’s the difference?

Kristina Roth.

Years ago, she kickstarted her life in New York with a laptop and a single vision. This vision soon turned into one of Forbes Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies.

An entrepreneurial life on-the-run led her to meet not only business-savvy individuals building their empires, but thrill-seeking globetrotters.

Her love affair began with kiteboarding, exotic hideaways such as Turks & Caicos and other windy, salty desirable destinations.

“I never thought what I was doing, how I was living my life, was extraordinary or anything remarkable,” states Kristina Roth.  “I was just doing my thing. But when I got the feedback from other women and finally started to see myself in the eyes of other people, I realized that I can use my positive influence to encourage women to start businesses and become a better version of themselves!”

After Kristina departed from her life as a CEO and President of a major consulting firm, she had a mission in mind - to bring badass women from around the world together. “Women don’t enjoy enough together, there’s always been men’s clubs, they play golf, it’s where ideas are made. But when you get a bunch of strong willed women together, magic can happen.”

Introducing SuperShe, Kristina Roth’s newest venture. SuperShe is a not-so-secret society, but a community of women from around the world brought together to create change and achieve the impossible. SuperShe has transformed the dated ideas of networking. Ditch your pant suit and fluorescent lit ballrooms in exchange for a bikini and beach front. From Hawaii to a soon to be announced villa in Turks and Caicos, SuperShe is taking over the world one beach at a time. SuperShe has already spent the year traveling around the planet to find the world’s most inspiring women. SuperShe’s website launched this Spring 2017 providing women the tools and resources to help women improve their lives, regain their health through fitness, spirituality, beauty, fashion, friendship, sex, and more.

Women with the united goal of becoming better versions of themselves - events set out to make that happen. Women that attend are the designers of their day with sun, surf, clean eating, yoga, fitness, rest, and relaxation at their fingertips. Head to SuperShe.com and join the newsletter for exclusive information on the next event and get in touch with SuperShe’s from around the world.