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The Art of Travel

Jen Yih1 Comment
The Art of Travel

Travel is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. A gypsy life wouldn't be possible if it weren't for my dad who made the voyage, by boat, from China to Brazil to eventually the USA. With that long journey around the world, he brought with his wisdom of the East, that Latin love & passion, and drive of the American "way-of-life." 

I moved to Brazil as a teenager and experienced something there that changed my life forever. At only 17-years-old I lived out what I considered, and still consider, the perfect day. It's one of sea, sun, hammocks, coconuts, conversation without the distraction of modern day media and vices. All its simplicity, flavor, and diversity is something that I strive to re-recreate on a day to day basis. 

If you travel with an open mind and open heart, it'll change you. Like a block of clay, it'll chisel you into a piece of walking, talking art. You know what I mean, the look of someone well-traveled with light beaming from behind their eyes fueled by curiosity and wonder. 

Whenever I return from a trip my faith in humanity feels restored. I develop an affection, empathy, and hope for mankind. It's because, we're all the same just built out of different materials, striving for safety, love, happiness, fulfillment, health, and freedom. 


1. If you begin to understand others, you will understand yourself. 

Have you ever asked yourself, who am I & what am I doing here? If you dwell on those questions long enough, it can be isolating and lonely - sometimes it causes us to attach ourselves to things, labels, titles, gender, race, religion. It's normal. But as you travel and begin to connect with people from different walks of life, hear their stories and strifes you'll understand that we are much more alike than we are different - each person full of heartthrobs and heartbreaks. There are many ways to live, no one way being the right way - and as you understand and accept that about others, it'll free you to live your truth. 

2. Division isn't the answer, bringing people together is. 

We all do it, we create division. We stick to what we know: people, places, foods, sports teams, recreation. We're always looking for a tribe & a sense of belonging. As you travel, you see it a lot - but you realize that we're all a part of a tribe - and that's the human race. Your country, language, and culture doesn't divide you, it makes you a part of it. At the end of the day, the default answer should be about bringing people together, not dividing them simply because they don't do life the way you do. 

3. It was meant to be simple. 

We’re intelligent and complex beings, the world is abundant and fruitful. When you put those things together, it is quite simple what we’re supposed to be doing here. We’re here to enjoy, take care, and connect. This whole thing was designed to be wonderful, all things working and feeding together. Most times, we ignore how our pleasures and greed hurt others, it wasn’t meant to be this way. 

4. It was meant to be beautiful. 

Ever stared at a summer nights fire? or the sunset? or the moon rise? or the stars decorate the sky? or the first bloom of Spring? or the colors of the fall? or sound of silence after a snowfall? This life was meant to be beautiful. We’re supposed to be in awe and enjoy the mystery of what we don’t know, only to seek and find out that it is magic.