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Portland's Coffee Obsession

Jen YihComment
Portland's Coffee Obsession

Portland's coffee obsession is one-of-a-kind. Sometimes I forget how spoiled I am here with quality coffee, skilled and respected baristas available on every corner! I was in Dallas a few years back at a fancy little coffee shop, $4.00 a cup, and I decided to open my fat Portland mouth and inquire about the beans. I never do this... It turned into a whole embarrassing fiasco, the barista had to go get her manager and yeah... anyway, Portland...and its amazing coffee culture...

As a freelancer, I tend to find myself sitting at home till noon in my pajamas at my computer with crumbs lingering around me... It's at that point I  realize I need to partake in some social interaction so I head to my local coffee shop. Here are a few coffee shops that should be charging me rent. 

See See Coffee

See See is conveniently located off of Sandy Boulevard in Northeast-ish Portland. Motorheads united, is it offensive to say that I'm reminded of Deus Venice Beach? Might be, apologies. Great coffee, cheap refills, amazing breakfast burritos, plenty of workspace, and great playlists... Sip and sit on a classic Portland rainy day. 

In the Boutique: Carhartt, Airblaster, Schott

Cosube Coffee

Cosube Coffee is a cold water surf themed coffee, surf, boutique shop located in NE Portland just off of MLK Boulevard. Parking is somewhat of a bitch, but the laid-back coffee and surf culture with a killer playlist makes this one of my favorite shops. It might not be the best place to go if you're trying to save money since their boutique carries a well-curated display of fashionable products and brand. Shout out to Mike at Imperfects surfboards, was stoked to find one of your boards in the rack! Also, love seeing Herewith Magazine on the shelf with one issue leftover...contributing writer, yours truly. 

In the Shop: Imperfects, Levis, Banks Journal, Herewith Magazine, Woolrich, Billabong, Collective Quarterly

Upper Left Coffee Roasters

Located in lower Southeast, this is a beautiful coffee shop. Classic Portland with flat white light, open space, and well-placed tropical plant vibes. One reason to come here is for the vegan, avocado toast situation... the best, and I carefully plan to go around brunch time just to indulge in vegan goodness.

Case Study Coffee - Alberta

Case Study is a quality over quantity kind of place. Located on one of my favorite streets, Alberta. It's a small two-level shop and if you can score a seat upstairs you'll be a happy worker. Conveniently located next door to Tin Shed, great place for breakfast or lunch and dog-friendly!