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How I Recharge After Travel

Jen Yih2 Comments
How I Recharge After Travel

I just got home from nearly 3 weeks on the road. I slept on a soggy bed in Sayulita with rainwater dripping from the ceiling, then a hospital-style cot in a room with two other people, followed by a pull out mattress in my friends garage in California, and lastly, a bed in the back of my friends van. I finally slept in a real bed last night & felt like a queen. No matter who you are, travel is exhausting. Time changes, public bathrooms, weird food, smells, bacteria, you name it. Don’t get me wrong, I love it but when I find myself waking up in the morning and not knowing where I am for a minute - I crave going home & waking up in my own bed.


I found a method to the madness, here’s my remedies for recharging after a long travel binge. I try to get my mind, body, and emotional well-being restored & renewed.

Rest & Sleep

Even when you feel like you need to unpack, clean up, catch up - you’re semi-worthless if you’re chronically exhausted. Make yourself take a day to sleep and rest. As I write this, it’s been 3 days since I’ve been home and my suitcase is exploding on my floor, still unpacked/unwashed. My OCD keeps telling me to organize it, but it won’t be the end of the world if I wait until this evening…


Before bed and in the morning, I drink as much turmeric as humanely possible. I have a tea that I love. Turmeric helps bring down any inflammation in the body, caused by travel, stress, and physical funkiness you might have going on.


Flying, driving, running around like a mad person can be hard on your entire body from inside out. If you’re a vegan this is not for you, and I apologize if this offends your values - but bone broth has some insane properties to help your little bod out. It’s very “on trend” right now, but despite the hype - it treats leaky gut syndrome, improves joint health, reduces cellulite (supposedly), boosts your immunity… and what’s most important to me is restoring your bodies cartilage supply. Over time, your cartilage diminishes and it never comes back! The components of bone broth helps provide the building blocks that are needed to keep your joints cruising. Also, it helps repair collagen - this is what keeps your skin youthful & healthy. Yay!


Flying and falling asleep in a middle seat, crashing on your friends futon or guest room mattress - the travel body gets thrashed! A bit of at-home morning yoga or attending a hot class hits the reset button, opening up tightness I didn’t realize I was carrying. Yoga also helps me recalibrate my mind, remembering to breathe, focus, and tune in.


Talk about tuning in… Meditation & music is huge for me. Typically after a long travel stint, I’m over-stimulated. Overstimulated by people, events, ideas, inspirations, or just energetically exhausted. I thrive on being with groups, working hard, and executing big ideas - but honestly, coming home and tuning everything out & into my body and mind is 110% necessary for my survival. I shut it down. I get home, lay on my bed, put on a playlist and zone out. It sounds crazy, but I have to let my mind relax. I meditate by putting my headphones in and taking a walk - on the beach or in the woods, I don’t call anyone or invite anyone - its me, my thoughts, and a space that allows my mind to be completely free from the stimulation of everyday life. This is by far the most important practice in recharging & finding center again.